2018/19 - Autumn Term

Friday 12th October

This week in Cedar class we have been ordering numbers from smallest to greatest in Maths. We have also been finding missing numbers on a number line and explaining how we knew what the numbers were using good Maths words, such as more and less than. On Friday we had a lego day. We followed instructions to build towers out of lego making sure that we had the right colours in the correct positions.

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In RE we have been learning about the creation story. We worked as teams to retell the story using words and actions.

In our topic work this week we learnt about TV programmes in the past and how they are different to those that we watch today. We sorted pictures into past and present. We also learnt about the history of lego and when it was invented. We then worked hard to build our own lego models of old TVs and computers. Have a look at our photos.

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In our class assembly we have been talking about families. We discussed what a family is, the people who are in our families and the things we like to do together.

Friday 5th October

This week in Cedar class we have been comparing groups of objects and numbers in Maths using words such as more than, greater than and less than. We have also been working hard to use symbols between two numbers to show which is more and which is less.

In RE we have been discussing the ways in which we can all help to look after the world we live in by recycling our rubbish, turning off taps and trying hard to walk to school instead of coming by car.

In our class assembly we have been talking about what friendship is and what it means to be a good friend. We worked in teams to come up with a list of qualities we all want in a good friend. These included a good listener, someone who is good at sharing and someone who is kind. We then had a go at giving each other compliments in order to make our friends smile.

Finally, we have all been working hard to design and paint bricks using poppies. These will be used as part of the new housing development in Bingham.

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Friday 28th September

Cedar class have been continuing to learn about numbers to 10. This week we have been comparing them using the language of more than, less than, fewer than, greater than and the same as. Try asking your child to compare two numbers at home using this language.

We enjoyed investigating how to make trains using different combinations of cubes. All the teams worked extremely well together to find combinations that totalled 10.

In topic we have been learning about how computer games have changed since they were invented. As well as discussing the similarities and differences between computer games now and the past, the class enjoyed playing an old fashioned computer game called pong. This is available as a free game online if they would like to play it again at home http://www.ponggame.org/

Cedar class are all settling really well into Year 1 and we are all looking forward to a great year’s learning ahead.

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Friday 21st September

Welcome back Year 1.

The pupils have all settled extremely well into the new routines and learning challenges of Year 1. We hope you find the following information useful but please do feel free to catch us for a quick chat on the playground in the morning or after school. We are always available to discuss any questions you have.


In Year 1 we have been enjoying studying numbers up to 10 in depth. We are following the ‘mastery approach’ to teaching maths. Instead of learning mathematical procedures by rote, we want pupils to build a deep conceptual understanding of concepts which will enable them to apply their learning in different situations. This programme aims to support all pupils to develop problem solving skills, deepen mathematical understanding and enhance their mathematical language. Overall, the purpose of this programme is to close the attainment gap so all pupils achieve in mathematics.

This week we have been deepening our understanding of one more and one less of numbers and will next move onto adding and subtracting.

We will be providing more information soon on how you can help your child at home. In the meantime please encourage your child to recognise numbers without counting, for example by playing games with dice and encouraging children to say the number rolled without counting. Even better use two dice and practice counting on from the biggest number.


Your child also now has a spelling book with 6 common exception words to learn at home and school. Please provide lots of opportunities to practise these over the next week. We have taught the children how to use the Look Say Cover Write Check method. They will receive new words every fortnight. More information is printed inside the front cover of their spelling book.


We are following the Read Write Inc programme to teach English where each pupil receives structured and focussed teaching of reading and writing every day. This is in addition to handwriting, topic writing and whole class and guided reading sessions. Pupils will also continue to bring home two banded books to read at home. Please record comments in their diary. They are reminded to change their books every morning and extra sessions are timetabled for Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons. You are of course welcome to come and help them change their book any day after school.


Our new topic is The Magic Workshop where will be learning about the history and science of toys from the past and present. So far pupils have enjoyed bringing in their own favourite toys to draw. We will next be learning about toys from the past, including old computer games. If you have any old toys then please do send them in with your child, explaining a little of their use and history to them. They can then share them with their class.

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