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2019/20 What We've Been Doing Autumn Term

Week Ending 20th December

Our last week has been very exciting indeed!

What fun was had at the Year 1 Christmas party on Wednesday. On Thursday we enjoyed eating a very delicious Christmas dinner and on Friday Cedar class had a very special visitor! Everyone is excited about our carol concert at the methodist church on Friday afternoon.

Week Ending 13th December

This week we performed our Christmas play Tinsel on Tithby Hill . Thank you to everyone for your support in preparing costumes and helping your child learn their lines or dance moves (as well as the very catchy songs!). They all performed brilliantly in both performances and above all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Week Ending 6th December

What another busy week we have had rehearsing for our Christmas play!

In maths, Cedar class began a unit on 3D and 2D shapes this week. We have been identifying the different shapes, sorting them according to different properties and discussing their faces in relation to 2D shapes.

This autumn the children have been observing our weather patterns. They worked in pairs to present their findings as a weather broadcast.

This week, we have also been learning about how animals prepare for the winter by hibernating or migrating. After watching a short video the children prepared a presentation on this topic.

On Friday we thoroughly enjoyed our morning at Robert Miles Juniors as we went to see their Christmas play Pirates of the Curry Bean..

Week Ending 29th November

We have been very busy this week rehearsing for our Christmas play Tinsel on Tithby Hill. What amazing singers we have in Year 1!

As a school we are taking part in the Christmas tree festival being held at St Mary's Church. This week both Year 1 classes made Rudolf Christmas tree baubles to decorate our tree.

Week Ending 22nd November

This week, we have been preparing weather reports based on our weather chart recordings from the Autumn. Children have created their own symbols. Your child may want to practise this at home tonight or create their own.

These are the stem sentences we are using: (These are just the basis and they can add to/simplify)
"Autumn Watch in Cedar Class
We have been observing and recording the weather during the Autumn season…

Mostly it has been …

Sometimes it has …

Occasionally it has ...

It has never ...

On Friday, we finished off our maths lesson with a little investigation using part whole models. They had to think of all the different ways that they could complete the part whole model. As a challenge question, they had to think about what the smallest number could be that went in the whole circle at the top.

You might like to try this at home, it is a nice way of problem solving and thinking about related addition facts.

Week Ending 15th November

In Art, we have been looking at how Andy Goldsworthy uses pattern and sculpture of natural materials and his environmental motivations. The children created their own Andy Goldsworthy style sculptures.

This week, we learnt about Remembrance Day and why and who we remember on this day every year. We learnt that it is also called Armistice Day. We also learnt about the significance of the poppy and how artists use this to remember significant historical events. The children compared artworks by Rennie, Mackintosh, Van Gogh and Monet to see how they represented fallen soldiers with poppies. The children chose to show their learning in different ways eg drawing a pastel poppy, creating a poppy from Lego and designing a medal.

The CBeebies video is a good talking point

Week Ending 8th November

This week we have been learning about how and why we celebrate bonfire night and how this has changed over time. We have learnt about the gunpowder plot and how Guy Fawkes was caught before he blew up the Houses of Parliament. The children were history detectives and had to prove different statements about Guy Fawkes were true by matching them to pictures. We also debated whether we would still celebrate in the same way if Guy Fawkes attempted this today. They have compared how we celebrate bonfire night now with how their granny may have celebrated it.
The children chose to show what they have learnt in different ways eg.building the Houses of Parliament from Lego, creating bonfire pictures using a range of art and construction material, writing poems and rhymes.
We finished off the week by creating outdoor art bonfire pictures using a variety of natural and man-made materials.

Click [here] to see the video that the children watched

Week Ending 25th October

What a lovely day we all had at Whisby Nature Park. We started the morning with a story and a discussion about the different kinds of trees. Those that are deciduous and those that are evergreen. We then went out and had a perch and the storm story where different animals needed to find shelter and a home to stay warm and dry. We made our own animal homes in our teams using different resources in the woodlands. During the afternoon, we went on a leaf identification hunt to work out the different trees that are in the woodlands. We then created our own leaf rainbow using the different colours. A lovely day had by all and they were all a credit to the school. Beautifully behaved.

On Thursday 24th October, just before half term, we will be holding a performance of Little Red Riding Hood songs that we have been learning in class for you as parents.

Cedar class have been using different methods of partitioning numbers to support them in identifying missing numbers in addition number sentences. On Friday, they needed to use the two parts to identify what the whole number was and write this as a number sentence. Some children were challenged to write 4 different number sentences thinking about how you can use opposites as well as number sentences with the = at the beginning.

Week Ending 18th October

Cedar class have been learning how to use a bar model this week in our maths lessons to partition different numbers using the cubes and then recording this. We discussed what was the same and what was different about the bar model compared to the part whole model and they were able to spot that it is in a different shape but that they both still had a whole and two parts.

Week Ending 11th October

Cedar class worked really well this afternoon to work in partners or teams to throw and catch a large ball. They worked on aim, being ‘ball ready’ and communication so that they all could throw and catch effectively, whilst having a great amount of fun!

In maths we have started a new unit on addition and subtraction. To begin with, we have been looking at part whole models to encourage each child to subtilise and understand how numbers can be partitioned before looking at the different symbols. They have been working on finding all the different possibilities and being able to mentally do this in their head as well as practically.

On Friday, Cedar class were introduced to the artist Andy Goldsworthy. We had a look at some of his pieces of art, his style and the different natural resources he uses. We thought about the different patterns that he creates with the resources.

Our plan was to go outside and create our own nature inspired art, however, due to the continuous amount of rain we had on Friday, we brought the outside indoors and created our own interpretations.

Week Ending 4th October

This week in science, we became Science detectives. Each group had their own evidence bag, clipboard and magnifying glass to explore our school grounds for items or evidence that could link to the season Autumn. We then collated all of our evidence inside as a class and sorted what we thought would link to the season Autumn and what might be all year round. We finished off the lesson by watching a BBC clip that took snapshots of different autumnal events or changes.

We have been looking at the language of greatest to smallest/more and fewer. Cedar class were asked to order different objects and then solve pictorial problems to identify whether they were in the correct order or not by answering true or false.

This week in maths, we have been practising writing numbers as I have noticed during marking that there are some numbers that are being reversed or not being formed correctly. If you would like to practise these numbers with your child at home please see the number formation sheet below (available to download from our numeracy resources page).

Week Ending 27th September

Cedar class have been learning to use the language of greater than/more than and less than/fewer than to compare two numbers up to ten (instead of just bigger and smaller). This is something you could try at home eg. “9 is greater than 4 and 4 is fewer than 9”. We have also introduced the more than > and less than < symbols and learnt = as meaning “the same as”. This week, Cedar class has the opportunity to use numicon and balance scales to compare two numbers and record the symbol between to mean greater than/less than/equal to. They understand that the crocodile (<) likes to eat the greater number. Perhaps you could have a go at trying this at home to see what they can remember.

On Friday, we had a day off timetable where we explored autumn through different mediums. We had a sensory tray, painting autumn trees station, observational drawings, creating our own play dough hedgehogs, creating a leaf person and during the day we went on an autumn treasure hunt. It was a lovely day and it was great to see how each person engaged in a different area to show their learning and understanding about Autumn.

Week Ending 20th September

As our science focus this term, we will be observing the weather and seasonal changes. In particular, how the trees change according to different seasons. Cedar class were asked to create a drawing of the trees in our school environment, thinking carefully about the colours, shapes and anything they noticed growing on the trees. We will be keeping these as a log so that when we go outside again in a few weeks, we can spot any changes or differences to the last time.

We have been learning a song about Little Red and on Monday we read and compared two different versions of the traditional tale. In groups the class discussed and ordered pictures from one version of the story. The children enjoyed acting out parts of the book and dressed up as characters from the story. They also worked independently to do some character writing and made a scary wolf mask. If you have a copy of the story at home it would make a good bedtime story. Alternatively there are various online versions available to watch.

Week Ending Friday 13th September

We started our Roald Dahl week by reading an extract from the BFG. Cedar class had to use the description given to imagine a character in their head. They then used various forms of media to create this image. At the end of the lesson, it was revealed that the character described was in fact the BFG and he wasn’t as scary as he was first described. Cedar class learnt that it is important to not judge others by how they look.

Cedar class have been learning how to represent numbers to 10 in different ways. They are learning the value of a number and how this can be made/shown using objects, numicon, pictures and just about anything they can find in the classroom.

We then worked on finding and showing a number that was less than our chosen card.

Wednesday 4th September

We have all enjoyed our first day in year 1 today! We started the morning off with a wake and shake and circle time to chat about our school behaviours. Cedar class then had the chance to go on a classroom treasure hunt finding where all our areas are and where to find different items they might need or use. In our first maths lesson we learnt about the word sorting. Cedar class came up with their own definition 'to put things together that are the same'. After some group practice, they then tried out different ways of sorting a range of different objects including animals, small world people, cubes, dominoes and vehicles. In the afternoon, we had chance to use the different areas of continuous provision and finished the day with daily mile and a find a friend bingo quiz. A wonderful start to a new school year.

Please can I remind those who haven’t brought PE kits to bring them in ready for next week. Also a water bottle if they do not have one already in school.

On Friday, I will be sending home our class toy called ‘Spot’ with one of the children. Spot is a well loved toy that has been to many children’s houses over the years for the weekend. He has a diary where you can write about his adventures and you may also like to include some photographs or draw pictures of what he has been doing whilst he has been at your house.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Mrs Attwood

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