2018/19 - Spring Term

Friday 29th March

This week we have been looking at the role of a fire officer and hopefully we will be getting a visit from a real fire engine and some actual fire fighters next week. How exciting!

In Maths we have been learning about 3D shapes and talking about some of their properties. We have enjoyed 'shape spotting' around our classroom and have found lots of examples of 3D shapes.

Most important of all our learning this week was thinking about why our Mums are so special.We made them a vase of flowers to show them how much we love them. We're sure there wasn't a dry eye on Sunday when the children presented their gift to their Mummy.

Friday 22nd March

We have had a very exciting time in Willow and Maple this week! As part of our continuing topic on 'People who help us', we have been focusing on the work of a Police Officer. We had a visit from a real police officer who talked to us all about his work. We asked him lots of questions and then he showed us some handcuffs and do you know what he did? He handcuffed poor Mrs Marshall! Luckily he had the key so was able to release her quickly.

Further excitement was had the next day when the children returned from lunch to find a crime scene in their classroom. Detective skills were quickly put into practice and the culprit was found to be Mrs Jacques! The verdict is still out whether the damage was accidental or malicious. What do you think?
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The children's footprint evidence to eliminate suspects!

Friday 15th March

This week we have been learning about the role of a vet and how they help our pets. We turned our role play area into a pet hospital and we had a visit from Louisa Foster, who works as a vetinary nurse. She told us all about her job and the many different animals that she and her colleagues help to make better. Thank you Louisa for taking time to come and talk to us.

In our Maths sessions we have learnt how to tally and have enjoyed carrying out surveys on our classmates finding out their favourite colour, pet, etc.

Week Commencing Monday 4th March / World Book Day Thursday 7th March

Our focus for book week is the continent of Asia - did you know there are 32 countries in Asia?! We cut out all the flags for each country to make some bunting. We have read stories that were set in this continent & have looked at some of the features of these countries compared to our own. We had great fun outside making a couple of Tuk Tuks and have learnt a song that we will sing in our special assembly at the end of the week. We have also looked at some of the animals that live in Asia & used different printing techniques to create pictures of pandas, elephants, leopards and tigers.

We made Chinese New Year cakes

Take a look at our "Dressed Potatoes" Do you recognise any characters?

Friday 1st March

Reception have had a busy start to the new half term. We will be learning about 'People who help us'. We started off by looking at the role of medical workers, including doctors, nurses & paramedics. The role play area in Willow class has been turned into a surgery - so book an appointment to have your check-up! Mrs Cox, came down to talk to us about her role in the office & all the important things she does to support our school running smoothly. We were hoping to have a visit from Mr Crouch, our lollipop man but he was poorly - get well soon Mr Crouch! In our Maths sessions we have been learning about subtraction & have been using Numicon to support our understanding.

Thursday 14th February

On Thursday, we dressed up as our characters from our favourite traditional tales to celebrate the end of our topic. The children looked fantastic in their outfits and enjoyed acting out stories with their friends.

In Technology, we explored programmable toys, using Beebots. We had to help Little Red Riding Hood find the way to her Grandma’s house by programming the Beebot to follow a simple set of directions.

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In Maths, we have been learning to add two numbers together to find the total. We used Numicon to help us to spot patterns when two pieces were put together. We also tried putting the biggest number in our head and counting on to find the total.

Friday 8th February

Our traditional tale this week was The Three Billy Goats Gruff. The children really enjoyed this story and were set the challenge of making their own bridges using materials they could find in the classroom. The children then tested the strength of their bridges using various weights to represent the three different sized Billy Goats.

What brilliant bridges! Please take a look at the varied materials the children used to construct them. Click on the photos to enlarge then use the left and right arrow keys to scroll through the gallery.

Tuesday 5th February

Safer Internet Day

Today the children watched a story about a boy, Ben, who has a very clever dog named Buddy. Ben lives with his Grandma and his Mummy. This story teaches young children how to use the Internet safely in a fun way. Buddy sang a song to remind Ben about internet safety. The children enjoyed singing this very catchy song - sung to the tune of Frère Jacques.

Friday 1st February

NSPCC Numbers Day

The children had great fun problem solving using logic and their mathematical knowledge. What a super way for the children to use and develop, reinforce, and consolidate their mathematical understandings!

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Friday 25th January

Our Traditional Story this week was: The Three Little Pigs. We thought carefully about the materials the pigs used for each of their houses. We all agreed that straw was not a good idea! We explored lots of different materials and made a list of all the different words we could use to describe them. We also investigated objects and materials that were magnetic and non-magnetic and sorted them into groups.

Thank you to all those children who have brought in their own stories from home. We have really enjoyed reading a wide selection of traditional tales.

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Friday 18th January

This week we read ‘The Gingerbread Man’ story. We started the week by making our own Gingerbread man before retelling the story and pretending to be the sly fox! The children enjoyed the ending when they were able eat their gingerbread man. We thought about whether we should ever trust a sly fox!

In maths we were using ordinal numbers and deciding who was first, second and third in the races.

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Friday 11th January

This term in Literacy, Reception will be reading lots of Traditional Tales. We started the week by reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We couldn't believe how naughty Goldilocks was to go into the Three Bear's cottage without being asked. On Monday afternoon, Willow class were shocked to discover that someone had been into their classroom and caused a big mess in the Home Corner! After lots of investigation we realised it was Goldilocks herself! We are not impressed by her behaviour at all!

In Maths we have been problem solving and have been learning how to share a number of objects between 2 or more. That's been quite tricky especially if there are some left over.

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