2019/20 - Autumn Term

Week Ending 20th December

Our last week has been very busy but so much fun! We had our Christmas party and on Thursday we had a delicious Christmas dinner . We made Christmas cards for someone special and a very special visitor came to see us on Friday morning! We are looking forward to singing at the methodist church this afternoon.

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Week Ending 13th December

The excitement is growing! This week we have been learning about why we celebrate Christmas. We shared the story of the nativity, the first Christmas, from the angel's announcement to Mary to the arrival of the Three Wise Men.

On Tuesday afternoon we watched the dress rehearsal of the Y1 Christmas play Tinsel on Tithby Hill.

We really enjoyed performing Happy Birthday Jesus and hope that you enjoyed it too!

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Week Ending 6th December

How do we know it's winter? Is the question we've been asking ourselves this week. We all went on a winter walk to see the changes that have happened in our surroundings.

The children are getting excited as Christmas is approaching. We have made Christmas tree decorations and created beautiful snowflakes by cutting folded paper. We have used our phonic knowledge to write letters to Santa. In maths we have been learning how to estimate how many objects there are. then we checked our estimates by counting the objects carefully.

This week we have read The Bear's Winter House by John Yeoman and It Was a Cold Dark Night by Tim Hopgood.

It has been a very busy week as we have been rehearsing our Christmas play Happy Birthday Jesus!

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Week Ending 29th November

This week we have been discussing how we celebrate birthdays. We read Ten Rules of the Birthday Wish by Helen Oxenbury. All the children have enjoyed role playing attending a birthday party. We have written invitations, birthday cards, ordered numbered birthday cards, made playdough birthday cakes complete with candles.

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Week Ending 22nd November

As part our topic, festivals and celebrations, we read the story The Scarecrow's wedding by Julia Donaldson. We looked at how we celebrate weddings and used our phonic knowledge to write a list of things that we would need for a wedding. We had great fun role playing a wedding.

In maths, we have been comparing then ordering items from the Scarecrow's wedding party list from lightest to heaviest.

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Week Ending 15th November

We have enjoyed learning about Rama and Sita and how some families celebrate Diwali. What fun we had making our own diva lamps with modelling clay. We have also talked about why people wear poppies and we made our own poppies to wear.

In maths our focus was to find one less than a given number.

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Week Ending 8th November

We hope that you had a lovely half term. How exciting it is to be back at school! This week our learning has focussed around Bonfire Night - Why do we remember the fifth of November? We have shared the story of the Gun Powder Plot and read the story Sparks in the Sky.

In ICT the children have used the software program 2Paint to create firework pictures. In literacy we learnt about onomatopoeia. Onomatopoeia is when a word describes a sound and actually mimics the sound of the object or action it refers to when it is spoken. The children thought of some fantastic words to describe the sounds that their fireworks would make - pop, whoosh, fizz, bang, boom and crackle.

In maths we have been learning to find the total number of two groups by counting them all.

What delicious sparklers! We thoroughly enjoyed creating an edible sparkler.

Autumn Term 2 Overview

Autumn 2 in Willow & Maple classes is an exciting time as we will be learning about different celebrations & festivals. We will be looking at why we celebrate Bonfire night & the significance of Guy Fawkes. We will all be making a poppy & will remember & give thanks to the soldiers who have given their lives protecting our country. We will talk about Diwali - the Hindu Festival of Light & listen to the story of Rama & Sita. We will use clay to make our own Diva lamp. We will talk about how we all celebrate our Birthdays & share our own experiences of any weddings we might have been to. All of this will lead up to our favourite celebration - Christmas! We will read the story of the Nativity & we look forward to putting on our very own F2 performance of Happy Birthday Jesus on Friday 13th December.

Week Ending 25th October

What an exciting season autumn is! We have answering the question - How do we know it is autumn? We have been learning about how things change during different seasons. We explored the school grounds and used our senses to describe the things we found, particularly their texture.

In maths we have been using shapes to create pictures. Our focus this week has been to learn the correct vocabulary to use when describing the properties of a shape.

Photos will follow.

Week Ending 18th October

We have enjoyed creating a book showing all the areas of our classroom. This was an opportunity for the children to develop their ICT skills by taking all the photos using an iPad. The children used their phonic knowledge to write labels and short sentences to describe the photos. We have been reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle who uses his eyes to describe the things he sees. We have been learning about our senses this week and we have used them to explore our surroundings.

Photos will follow.

Week Ending 11th October

This week we have been learning about rhyming words - how some words sound the same at the end. The children have begun to recognise rhyme when spoken. What a challenge it has been to match animals to their rhyming places! e.g dog on a log. Our book of the week was Shark in the Park.

In phonics we have begun to read some simple words. Our focus in maths this week was to find one more than a given number. The children have impressed us all with their confidence when counting in ones.

Photos to follow.

Week Ending Friday 4th October

What fun we've had this week. We read the book "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" by Michael Rosen. We have been learning to use and understand vocabulary to describe position. We created story maps for "We're going on a Bear Hunt" to help us retell the story.

Photos to follow

Week Ending Friday 27th September

This week we have been asking the question Who is in my family? We noticed that our families are not all the same. We talked about how every family is unique and how special it is to be part of a family.

We have been reading "Owl Babies" by Martin Waddell. This lovely tale focuses on three baby owls who wake up to discover their mother isn't there. Without her,they feel scared and vulnerable.

In maths we have been learning to count a number of objects accurately and match them to the correct numeral.

The children have been developing their fine motor skills by using scissors to cut out owl templates to create lolly-stick puppets. The children enjoyed using their puppets to retell the Owl Babies story.

Photos to follow

Week Ending Friday 20th September

This week the children have been practising writing their names and also learning how to hold a whiteboard pen/pencil correctly.. The indoor role play area has been set up as a hairdresser's salon - What a lot of customers we had!

The children loved seeing how they had changed since they were babies. We talked about how we change as we age and ordered pictures into a timeline from baby through to adulthood. As part of our topic we read the story Titch by Pat Hutchins.

In PE the children found different ways to move around the playground - hopping, jogging, jumping, skipping and even walking sideways like a crab! All the children showed great spacial awareness.

Week Ending Friday 13th September

Welcome to Maple class!

The children have completed their first week of full-time education and have all done amazingly well. We are very impressed how they have settled into our routines. This term our topic is called 'All about me' and we are all enjoying getting to know each other. Please could you send a baby photo into school on Tuesday next week as we will be thinking about how we change as we get older.

We had our first P.E. lesson last Tuesday with our coach, Mr Steggles. The children loved it and joined in with great enthusiasm! Please leave P.E. kits in school over the term and remember to remove any earrings on that day.

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