2019/20 What We've Been Doing Autumn Term

Week Ending Friday 20th December

What a fun week! The children made a Christmas card for someone special and wrote Christmas acrostic poems. What a delicious Christmas Dinner we all had on Thursday! All the children really enjoyed the games and dancing at their Christmas party. We had a very special visitor in Oak class today! We are all looking forward to our carol concert at the Methodist church.

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Week Ending Friday 13th December

In English this week we have been writing a letter from a different country, describing the physical and human features that we've seen.

In maths we have been working with money

- finding the difference

- recognising equal groups

- make equal groups

As part of our science work we asked "How can materials be changed?"

In D&T the children had to plan and then make a musical instrument out of recycled materials. They then evaluated their instrument - what they did well and what they could improve.

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Week Ending Friday 6th December

In maths this week the children have been comparing amounts of money and finding the totals. They have shown their understanding by using the correct symbols < > =

In science the children carried out experiments to find out whether materials are waterproof.

On Friday we thoroughly enjoyed our morning at Robert Miles Juniors as we went to see their Christmas play Pirates of the Curry Bean..

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Week Ending Friday 29th November

At the start of this week the children completed reading, science and maths quizzes. What progress they are making!

In English this week the children have been looking at different examples of persuasive writing. They will be creating their own poster so they have studied different kinds of posters to inspire them.

In RE we have been looking at the Christmas story from the Shepherds' and Angels' point of view. We talked about the journeys that were made. We also thought about how the characters may have felt, their relationships and their experiences.

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Week Ending Friday 22nd November

At the end of the week we wrote a diary entry imagining that we were Ada. The children used all their gathered information to describe the 'slums' that Ada lives in.

As part of our topic work we looked at objects and asked the following questions:

What is it made from?

Can it be recycled?

What could it be made into?

In science the children worked in small groups to look at an object. They had to decide what it was made from and then describe the material's properties. We looked at why some materials are suitable for certain objects.

In maths we consolidated our learning on whole and part numbers. We then looked at money and the value that each coin represents. The children completed monetary addition number sentences to show their understanding of coin values.

The children have been enjoying their gymnastics sessions in PE this term.

Photos to follow.

Week Ending Friday 15th November

This week in literacy, we retold the story of Ada's Violin. Th children used similes and interesting adjectives to retell this inspirational story.

As part of Anti-Bullying Week we all wore odd socks on Tuesday. Please see the photos on our galleries page. On Friday the children wrote anti-bullying acrostic poems and enjoyed role playing different scenarios - highlighting what bullying is and how it should be addressed.

In geography we have been comparing the human and physical features found in Bingham and Paraguay.

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Week Ending Friday 8th November

This week we started to read the story Ada's violin which is based in Cateura, Paraguay. We started our week with an exciting hook into our learning, using clues to find out what our story was about. In English we discovered the meaning of some new vocabulary and found out more about the 'slums' of Cateura.

In literacy we sorted sentences into the following categories questions, statements and exclamations. At the end of the week we wrote our own exclamations about the picture of the slums from Ada's Violin.

We will be making instruments out of recycled materials, just like they did in the story. We will also be learning more about the importance of recycling.

Please click on the link below to discover more about this amazing orchestra.

The Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay

In geography we have been learning about physical and human features. To show their understanding the children sorted images correctly into the different categories.

In maths we have been thinking about how we can add and subtract using our knowledge of tens and ones.

Photos to follow.

Half Term 28th October - 4th November

Week Ending Friday 25th October

This week we read the story Grace and her family by Mary Hoffman. The children thought about questions they could ask Grace about her family. The children then wrote diary entries as though they were Grace describing her feelings as she travelled with her father in Gambia. At the end of the week they wrote a postcard to Grace's school/home or a friend describing what her father's country is like.

In maths the children have been adding and subtracting crossing ten.

In art the children drew a picture of their famous person from history to complete their multimedia fact sheet.

Photos to follow.

Week Ending Friday 18th October

In literacy the children thought of adjectives to describe Grace. After a lesson about similes the children ended the week by writing a characer description of Grace using adjectives and similes.

In maths we have been adding 1 more and 10 more.

In History/ICT the children have began to plan their fact sheets and started to write some facts about the famous person they chose.

Week Ending Friday 11th October

We have been reading Amazing Grace by Mary Hoffman. This book has made us think about how what we say can affect other people.

In literacy the children have made predictions, shared ideas, discussed unfamiliar vocabulary and began to use a dictionary to find definitions. They then pretended to be Grace and wrote a letter to her classmate telling her they were feeling and why.

In maths we have been checking our calculations by using the inverse.

The children have been continuing to explore PowerPoint in ICT.

In PE the children are performing some exciting cheerleading routines.

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Week Ending Thursday 3rd October

In literacy, the children answered questions about a piece of text demonstrating their comprehension of what they had read. The children have also thought about how role play can help us retell a story. After watching the below clip the children had to think about what the characters might be saying and then wrote speech bubbles. At the end of the week we learnt about apostrophes and the jobs they do.

To watch the video please click on the link below.

A cloudy lesson

This week in maths we have been learning all about fact families for example:

5 + 2 = 7

2 + 5 = 7

7 = 5 + 2

7 = 2 + 5

7 - 5 = 2

7 - 2 = 5

In ICT the children have been exploring PowerPoint to help them produce a multimedia fact sheet about a famous person from history.

In PE the children have been really enjoying their cheerleading sessions.

Week Ending Friday 27th September

In literacy, the children had to describe a storm - they used their own storm artwork as inspiration. They thought about which senses they could use to imaginatively describe the storm. The whole class worked together to correctly sequence images from part of a story. The children then wrote sentences retelling the story and practised editing their work.

In maths, the children continued their work on place value by comparing numbers and looking at numbers pn a number line.

As part of our topic work, the children began to create fact sheets about a significant person from history of their choice.

In ICT the children learnt how to log on and access PowerPoint.

Photos to follow.

Week Ending Friday 20th September

In literacy this week, we are continuing to read The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl, and we looked at how we can take on the role of a character. The children had to imagine that they were one of the boys who had wings instead of arms. After watching a short clip (see below), they thought about how they would feel if they had wings, and then wrote descriptive phrases. The children then worked in small groups to organise their phrases to create a class poem.

To watch the video clip please click on the link below.

Birds eye view

We have also written diary entries in the role of a character. The children imagined that they were Phillip, one of the boys from The Magic Finger, living as a bird.

In maths we have been consolidating our learning on place value.

In our topic work this week we have been discovering why the following people have a significant place in history:

Nelson Mandela, Emmeline Pankhurst, Marie Curie, Mother Teresa, Albert Einstein, Ludwig Guttmann, Rosa Parks, Karl Benz, David Beckham and Barack Obama.

Photos to follow.

Week Ending Friday 13th September

This week we have began our topic 'Great People who Changed the World'. We looked at some rather peculiar historical objects and found out what they were used for in the past We also found out about Karl Benz who was the first person to invent a car engine. We will continue this learning by looking at people from the past who have made a significant difference to our world.

Photos will follow.

In maths this week, we have been learning about place value.

In PSHE we shared our worries about starting year two and whispered them into a class balloon. We let it go outside and watched our worries disappear into the sky!

As part of our Roald Dahl week we read an extract from The Magic Finger and thought of questions that we would like to ask the little girl. In Literacy, we have been learning about the features of a letter. The children then wrote their own letters to the Gregg Family (characters in The Magic Finger) telling them why they wanted them to change their ways.

On Friday we celebrated Roald Dahl's birthday! We learnt a bit about his life and were surprised with how many books he wrote! We read some of his novel 'George's Marvellous Medicine' and had lots of fun making our own spectacular medicines. On Monday we will be writing out our recipes for our medicines.

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Week Ending Friday 6th September

Welcome back to the Autumn term. We hope you have all had a lovely summer holiday. The children seem very excited about their return to school and we've already heard lots about their summer adventures!

This week we have been thinking about ourselves and valuing how we are all unique. The children created their own family tree and a booklet titled "all about me". In art the children drew a self portrait using pencil.

In PSHE the children recorded their hopes and wishes for their time in Year 2.

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