School is closed to all pupils from Tuesday 5th January and only open to Keyworkers' children and vulnerable children.

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Dates for 2018-19

These are the key dates we have penciled in for the year. As the year goes on we will try our best to keep them the same but sometimes things crop up and we may have to juggle- but we will keep you informed.

05.09.18 Back to school

24.10.18 Parents evening

25.10.18 Parents evening

29.10.18 Half term

05.11.18 INSET

13.12.18 Reception Xmas play

18.12.18 KS1 Xmas play

19.12.18 Reception Xmas party-am Year 1 Xmas party-pm

20.12.18 Year 2 Xmas party-pm

21.12.18 Christmas Carol concert. Break up

07.01.19 Back to school

13.02.19 Parents evening

14.02.19 Parents evening

15.02.19 INSET

18.02.19 Half term

08.04.19 Easter holidays

23.04.19 Back to school

27.05.19 Half term

26.06.19 Sports day

12.07.19 Year 2 play.

15.07.19 Transition to new classes

22.07.19 Leaver’s assembly.

23.7.19 Break up.

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