School Clubs

Baking Club

Monday afternoons 3.20pm–4.30pm. Please see the list below for dates.

We kindly ask for £1.00 each week to cover the cost of the ingredients.

Please don't hesitate to contact Mrs Axten, Miss Wallis or Mrs Wright for any further information.

Baking club list 2015-2016
Fairy cakes recipe with allergens listed
Strawberry surprise cakes recipe
Strawberry surprise cakes—list of allergens
Scone recipes—list of allergens


Mathletics Club

Mathletics is an on-line learning resource helping pupils enjoy maths and improve their results.

Recorder Club

Sewing Club

Thursdays 3.20pm–4.15pm

Please see the list below for dates. There is no charge for this club. Please don't hesitate to contact Mrs Axten or Miss Wallis for any further information.

Sewing club list 2015-2016

Spanish Club

Spanish classes take place after school on Wednesdays, with a programme of structured, creative and enjoyable activities including stories, songs, rhymes and games within the context of each season.

The programme, ‘Las Aventuras de Mifú y Tina y las estaciones’, has been written for young beginners (4–7 year olds) and features characters with whom the children quickly become familiar. The children have great fun singing, chanting rhymes, playing games and acting out the stories, with lots of opportunities to adapt activities to cater for all abilities within the age range.

The aims are to:

  • Familiarise children with sounds of the Spanish language and develop their ability to listen attentively
  • Develop confidence in using phrases and words other than their mother tongue
  • Develop listening and concentration skills
  • Develop social skills associated with interpersonal behaviour and communication
  • Enjoy a variety of language learning activities
  • Enable children to use the Spanish language creatively, promoting independence
  • Integrate Spanish in to school or home life
  • Allow children of all abilities to experience success and develop personal confidence
  • Promote gross and fine motor skills and visual literacy
  • Share the language by making the most of the children’s listening skills, and their love of singing, dancing and performing

New La Jolie Ronde Licensee—Nicola Warren

Sports Club

At Robert Miles Infant School we run multi-skills after school clubs for Year 2, Year 1 and Reception classes. The children sign up and the club usually runs for six sessions.

In the sessions we cover balance, agility, co-ordination, ball skills and mini games. The emphasis is on fun and participation while at the same time acquiring knowledge and skills that can be used in other physical activities.

Art Club

February 2018


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