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As well as the work that has been sent home in your child's learning pack we will also be putting regular learning taks on this page for children to access from home.

Purple Mash

All children have been given their own log in for purple mash (in their home- learning packs) ​​​​​.

C​​​​​​hildren will be set regular '2Dos' on Purple Mash so please click on the '2Do' tab regularly to check for work.

Also, if you click on the 'sharing' tab and then click on 'shared blogs' and then 'Oak class' or 'Sycamore class' you will find a class blog that we can use to communicate with children and parents regarding learning tasks.

Useful websites to access from home:





Year 2 Reading Expectations:

Please encourage your child to read or listen to a story daily. The following link is a set of questions called the VIPERS that we use in school to question children help develop their comprehension skills. Please feel free to use them when checking your child's understanding of the text.

Home Learning Tasks:

Tuesday 31st March

Learning task: Suffix - 'ment'

In English we would have been continuing our learning on suffixes. Can you read the information about the suffix - 'ment' and complete the task at the bottom of the page. Before you start you might want to quickly recap what a suffix is and think about the suffix endings we have already learnt.

Suffix - ment


Can you write your own sentences including words with the suffix -ment?

Monday 30th March

Learning task: Animals and food chains (science)

In school we would have been introducing you to the idea of ‘food chains’ in science. Please open the link to the PowerPoint below to find out a little more about what a food chain is and become familiar with the key vocabulary we would like you to use when describing a food chain.

There is an independent task for you to complete at the end of the learning. Remember you can upload this task to purple mash for us to see!

Food Chains PowerPoint

Look our for a new '2Do' on Purple Mash - You should be able to use your new knowledge of food chains to complete the activity.

Friday 27th March

It’s virtual zoo day tomorrow at Chester Zoo. If children go on they have a virtual tour. There’s a timetable for certain animals.

Learning task: Multiplication and division fact families

Can you complete the attached document and find the related facts for the three numbers? Once you have completed this task you could create your own fact family.

Multiplication and division fact families

Challenge: Number detectives!

Can you use your problem solving skills to work out the hidden number? Remember to reason and don't give up! You can share on our class blog once you have cracked the code...

Thursday 26th March

Learning task: Statistics

Here is some collected data.

Category: Favourite flowers

daffodil = 8

poppy = 11

daisy = 4

rose = 10

tulip = 15

Can you represent the data in three different ways: a tally chart, a pictogram and a block graph?

Can you then answer the following questions?


Q1. What is the most popular flower?

Q2. What is the least popular flower?

Q3. How many people like daisies and roses altogether?

Q4. How many more people like tulips than daffodils?

Q5. What is the difference between the amount of people who like roses and the amount of people who like tulips?


Can you match the mathematical vocabulary to the correct definitions? They are mixed up!

statistics = a chart that uses pictures to represent data

data = a way of recording data using tally marks

tally = a type of graph that shows different amounts of numbers as blocks

pictogram = a collection of numbers

block graph = collecting data

Wednesday 25th March

Learning task: Edit and Improve

Can you edit and improve this piece of writing from Alice in Wonderland? There is a checklist to help you identify how many mistakes to spot. Perhaps you could print this off to edit it or you could re-write it out in your homework books/on a piece of paper or even re-write it on a word document!

Edit and improve - Alice in wonderland


Can you continue the piece of writing to explain what might happen next in the story?

Tuesday 24th March

Oak and Sycamore have been set a '2Do' task today on Purple Mash so please log in to see your activity! We are also in the process of setting up our class blog which you can find on purple mash!

Learning task: Fractions recap

Can you work your way through some of these 'White Rose' math tasks? We have already covered fractions so let's see who can recall our important vocabulary when explaining your thoughts.


Monday 23rd March

Learning task: Reading comprehension

Can you read the text carefully and answer the questions about what you have read. Remember to underline any key information that might help you.

RWI comprehension


Can you read one of your school books and write your own questions to quiz someone else? Try to think of different types of questions. Use the question stems below to help you!

What word could the author have used instead of ...

How do you think .... feels?

Can you explain why ...

What do you predict ...

Who did ...

What happened when ...

Thursday 19th March 2020

Learning Task: Sentence writing about a picture

resource image

Can you use these sentence starters to help you write some sentences to persuade humans to treat animals with respect? You might want to think of some of your own sentence starters as well!

Sentence starters:

It is important that…

It is appalling that...

We need to...

Did you know that... ?

How can we... ?

Will you...?

Challenge: Question time!

What is a habitat?

What is happening in the picture?

Do you think it is fair?

Which animals can you see?

What country do you think the picture is from?

Do you think there are any important messages to take from this picture?

If you were driving the digger, how would you feel? What would you do?

Wednesday 18th March 2020

Learning Task: Measuring (cm)

Can you measure different objects in your home (to the nearest cm)? Remember how to carefully line the object up with 0cm, to measure accurately. Can you record which is the longest object you found and which was the shortest object you found? Could you order them all from shortest to longest?


Could you carry out your own research on how you would record a measurement if it was half a cm? For example if you measured a book and it was 13 and a half cm long - how would we write it?
This link is a fun measuring game!
Website link:

Tuesday 17th March 2020

Learning task:

Maths - Sequences 2s, 5s, 10s, 3s


Daily 10 - Can you complete a daily 10 of your choice? Can you challenge yourself and change the timing to beat your last time? Website link:

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